Note: does not ship ammo!

This page last updated October 21, 2020

Mansfield, MA

380 Auto - 9mm Luger - .38 Special - .357 Magnum - .357 Sig - .40 S&W - 10mm Auto
.44 Rem Magnum  - .44 SW Special - .45 ACP -  .45 Colt (aka .45 Long Colt) - .454 Casull

.223 Remington (5.56mm x 45mm) - 6.5mm Creedmoor  - .30-30 Winchester
.308 Winchester (7.62mm x 51mm) - .30-06 Springfield - .300 Winchester Magnum - .45-70 Government


10/21/2020 -  I just got notification that some rifle bullets are headed my way.  Two cases of Hornady .224 55gr FMJBT and 1 case of Hornady .30 168gr BTHP Match.  I have primers on hand for most of these...all I need is time behind the press.

10/18/2020 -  I recently received some pistol caliber bullets (finally!).  Prices went up though and I had to increase prices accordingly.  Price increases were modest compared to what I see going on out there.  I promise I will not do that.  I have a margin and I work to keep things in line with that margin.  Period.

10/1/2020 -  I've hit the wall with small pistol primers.  Everything I have is allocated to orders in my load queue.  I don't expect any primers until well into if not the latter half of 2021.  The other factor is my availability to work the part time ammo business. I average 5-10 hours per week on the ammo biz depending on the demands of my full time job. It takes me about 5 hours to produce 1000 rounds (sort/inspect/clean brass, size/trim rifle brass, load ammo and then inspect/package).  If I have 20000 rounds in the load queue and it takes me 5 hours to produce 1000 rounds that works out to 100 hours of work. At best I'd get through all of it in 10 worst it will be 20 weeks.  Just putting this out here so folks will have an idea of how long it takes one cranky old fat guy to load ammo. Due to the the sole proprietor nature of my business I cannot hire anyone to assist and due to liability I can't let anyone "help" either. A few folks have provided primers to me so I can load ammo for them.  This does not improve an individual's spot in the load queue, it just means that I will be able to load ammo using their primers (I deduct my primer cost from the ammo sell price in these instances).  I'm trying this out to see how well it works...if it works out well I'll continue to do it, if not, at least we tried.

9/7/2020 -   I'm just about at a point where I don't have enough components on hand to use for new orders.  This does not mean I won't accept new orders though.  I just don't know how long it will be before I can fill them.  I'm holding all pricing at what they've been at for a few years, but as new components come in with higher prices I will have to adjust my pricing accordingly.  There are multiple issues in play here affecting the turnaround of my load queue - a part time gig, a lone cranky old and slow fat guy behind the Dillon(s) with a bad back and a component supply that is quickly drying up.  And then there is the tragic hair. This too, shall pass.

9/2/2020 -   While I’m still accepting orders, due to the scarcity of some components I may not be able to load all the orders in my queue at this time. Some items I won’t see until 2021.  That is how bad things are. Not a lot I can do about it.

Brass Policies

Brass policy is simple.  I don't charge for the brass and I don't buy brass - this is why the ammo is as inexpensive as it is.  I rely on range pickups and donations.  So far the vast majority of High Power Rifle and Semi-Auto Pistol shooters have been pretty good about getting brass back to me and I will continue on with the honor system.  Many of you have donated brass to help ensure the flow of ammo doesn't stop for lack of a component.  Any brass up front is always welcomed.  Returning brass is important and I do understand that sometimes logistics get in the way, so don't worry about it.  As long as I get brass back at some point - thats all that really matters. 

Brass Return Alternative  - Tossing the spent brass into a plastic bag, putting it into a USPS Flat Rate box and mailing it to me via the Post Office is another option - it only costs $16.50 to ship up to 70lbs. via USPS and my address is on the receipt.

I don't charge for the ammo cans either so I need to get those back too.

What it is... 

This is a part time thing for me...a hobby that got way out of control some years ago.  By day I'm a Technical Consultant/Database Developer/Data Analyst, etc.  During the evenings and weekends I make ammo.  I started out just to make ammo for myself to shoot in the local area competitions.  I decided to get my FFL and State License to sell ammo when the folks I had been purchasing ammo and components from over the years informed me they could no longer ship these items to Massachusetts.  I did the licensing thing so that I would be able to purchase the components I needed to make the ammo I liked to shoot.  Anyways, one thing led to another and now I have a difficult time keeping up with the demand. 

All ammo goes through a 100% inspection process prior to packaging. Each box/bag/can of ammo has the powder, primer used and month/year manufactured recorded on the box/bag/can as well as the average Muzzle Velocity (based on a 10 shot string where practical) of each lot.

I do not ship ammo.   
Why?  Simple - if I can't sell it to you I can't ship it to you.  Massachusetts state law mandates that I can only sell ammo to someone that presents to me, in person , a valid Massachusetts Resident  Firearms License.  Still, I get requests/orders all the time from folks all over the country.  It is what it is....nothing I can do about it. 

I don't have a retail store or shop in the traditional sense and usually meet first time ammo buyers at Mansfield Fish & Game in Mansfield, MA for deliveries.


Pricing is based on the return of all spent cases and packaging materials to the place of purchase. Currently, I use the "honor" system to manage the return of spent material. In this way I'm able to keep the costs of the ammo as low as possible. While I don't reuse any boxes or bags, I do reuse bullet trays, ammo cans and (obviously) spent cases. Boxes wind up going into our local recycling program, so please take a few minutes when you've finished shooting to pick up the brass and packaging and return them to me when you get a chance. Doing so will keep our ranges cleaner and allow me to keep the ammo prices as low as I can.

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Note: does not ship ammo!