Note: does not ship ammo!

This page last updated May 24, 2020

Mansfield, MA

380 Auto - 9mm Luger - .38 Special - .357 Magnum - .357 Sig - .40 S&W - 10mm Auto
.44 Rem Magnum  - .44 SW Special - .45 ACP -  .45 Colt (aka .45 Long Colt) - .454 Casull

.223 Remington (5.56mm x 45mm) - 6.5mm Creedmoor  - .30-30 Winchester
.308 Winchester (7.62mm x 51mm) - .30-06 Springfield - .300 Winchester Magnum - .45-70 Government


5/24/2020 -   With COVID restrictions loosening up I am "open" and am loading what components I have.  I'm currently loading 223/5.56 followed by 45 ACP and 9mm/380 Auto.  I have some availability in other calibers but not much.  Email me for availability or to get onto the load queue. 

10/18/2019 -   300 Winchester Magnum is now on the price list using a Hornady 208gr A-Max bullet.

2/9/2018 -  6.5mm Creedmoor is now available.  Loading 140gr. Hornady ELD Match bullets to 2650 FPS.

11/26/2017 -  Updated pricing on several pistol loads (components dropped a little in cost).

11/12/2017 -  Just ordered tooling for 6.5mm Creedmoor.  Should have ammo available by the end of the year.  See prices page for details.

3/5/2016 -  .223 75gr BTHP Match is now available.  See prices page for velocities and packaging options.

Brass Policies

Brass policy is simple.  I don't charge for the brass and I don't buy brass - this is why the ammo is as inexpensive as it is.  I rely on range pickups and donations.  So far the vast majority of High Power Rifle and Semi-Auto Pistol shooters have been pretty good about getting brass back to me and I will continue on with the honor system.  Many of you have donated brass to help ensure the flow of ammo doesn't stop for lack of a component.  Any brass up front is always welcomed.  Returning brass is important and I do understand that sometimes logistics get in the way, so don't worry about it.  As long as I get brass back at some point - thats all that really matters. 

Brass Return Alternative  - Tossing the spent brass into a plastic bag, putting it into a USPS Flat Rate box and mailing it to me via the Post Office is another option - it only costs $15.50 to ship up to 70lbs. via USPS and my address is on the receipt.



I don't charge for the ammo cans either so I need to get those back too.

What it is... 

This is a part time thing for me...a hobby that got way out of control some years ago.  By day I'm a Technical Consultant/Database Developer/Data Analyst, etc.  During the evenings and weekends I make ammo.  I started out just to make ammo for myself to shoot in the local area competitions.  I decided to get my FFL and State License to sell ammo when the folks I had been purchasing ammo and components from over the years informed me they could no longer ship these items to Massachusetts.  I did the licensing thing so that I would be able to purchase the components I needed to make the ammo I liked to shoot.  Anyways, one thing led to another and now I have a difficult time keeping up with the demand. 

All ammo goes through a 100% inspection process prior to packaging. Each box/bag/can of ammo has the powder, primer used and month/year manufactured recorded on the box/bag/can as well as the average Muzzle Velocity (based on a 10 shot string where practical) of each lot.

I do not ship ammo.   
Why?  Simple - if I can't sell it to you I can't ship it to you.  Massachusetts state law mandates that I can only sell ammo to someone that presents to me, in person , a valid Massachusetts Resident  Firearms License.  Still, I get requests/orders all the time from folks all over the country.  It is what it is....nothing I can do about it. 

I don't have a retail store or shop in the traditional sense and usually meet first time ammo buyers at Mansfield Fish & Game in Mansfield, MA for deliveries.


Pricing is based on the return of all spent cases and packaging materials to the place of purchase. Currently, I use the "honor" system to manage the return of spent material. In this way I'm able to keep the costs of the ammo as low as possible. While I don't reuse any boxes or bags, I do reuse bullet trays, ammo cans and (obviously) spent cases. Boxes wind up going into our local recycling program, so please take a few minutes when you've finished shooting to pick up the brass and packaging and return them to me when you get a chance. Doing so will keep our ranges cleaner and allow me to keep the ammo prices as low as I can.

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Note: does not ship ammo!